Vegetarian Recipes

Quinoa and Kale Patties

  This is basically a bunless veggie burger.  Not to worry, carnivores.  They taste so much better than typical veggie burgers.  Don't believe me when I tell you how good these are?  Well, you're just wrong ... but make these and prove it to yourself.  My meat eating family members devoured 'em. So get rid… Continue reading Quinoa and Kale Patties

Sauces, Marinades, and Dressings

Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki sauce is a beautiful combination of strained Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill, spring onion, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.  It is traditionally served alongside grilled meats, and makes a wonderful addition to pita and hummus, or a crudites platter.  It is cool, crisp, tangy, and refreshing. If you have never made homemade tzatziki sauce… Continue reading Tzatziki Sauce

Appetizers, Sauces, Marinades, and Dressings

Lamb Meatball Lettuce Cups with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Friends often ask me for appetizer recipes. Something new and out of the ordinary. Well, here ya go ... make these, make these! Just make sure I make the invite list. If you're going to make lamb meatballs, this is the way to do it. Little flavor bombs packed with garlic, onion, parsley, oregano, mint,… Continue reading Lamb Meatball Lettuce Cups with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Breakfast Recipes

Spinach, Zucchini, and Feta Frittata

    In the movie "Forest Gump," Bubba goes into detail about how many variations of shrimp there are (you remember the scene).  He lists off 21 different kinds of shrimp if you include cooking methods.  I have a similar type of passion ... for eggs! (Read the following sentence in Bubba's voice.  It helps.… Continue reading Spinach, Zucchini, and Feta Frittata

Soup and Chili Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes

Crushed Lentil Soup

  Of all the wonderful recipes my Lebanese mother has given me, this one is my favorite. Healthy, filling, and extremely flavorful, this classic Lebanese comfort food is something you can feel good about serving the entire family.  If you've never made homemade lentil soup, now's the time to start. Lentils come in many colors. … Continue reading Crushed Lentil Soup

Salads, Vegetarian Recipes

Mediterranean Farro Salad

  I like to pretend I'm Italian.  I like to pretend I'm living on a Tuscan farm.  On that farm, I'm growing my own fruit, picking my own vegetables, and sun bathing in my beautiful garden.  I like to pretend these things are reality...before I put on my winter coat, scarf, hat, and gloves and trudge… Continue reading Mediterranean Farro Salad

Breakfast Recipes

Mini Frittatas with Sausage, Spinach, and Gruyere

  There's something about a warm breakfast during the winter months, especially on a weekday.  I sit at the kitchen table, eat my breakfast, sip a cup of tea, and get prepared for the day.  It beats the socks off waking up, maybe eating cereal or a breakfast bar, and running out the door. I… Continue reading Mini Frittatas with Sausage, Spinach, and Gruyere